Bringing it up to speed

I’ve started this blog to document my adventures in roller derby. So here we go with a quick update highlighting the most important days in my journey so far.

Day 1. I watched Whip-It, like so many others in what could be called the neo-roller-derby revolution, and thought “I want to do that; hell, I could do that”.

Day 2. I searched online and found out that there were a couple of derby leagues in my city; emailed them both and asked to be put on the waitlist for the next “Fresh Meat” (aka noobs on wheels) session.

Day 3. I got an invitation to join ORD‘s next Fresh Meat session and sent back my RSVP right away.

Day 4. My husband started thinking I was serious about this and surprised me with the best ever Fresh Meat package from Roller Girl.

Day 5. My husband surprised me with a t-shirt with my “Derby name” on it… see above.

Day 6. I decided I’d better get myself to Disco and try out these bad ass skates. So I did, and realized pretty quickly how little strength and endurance I had… I pictured my roller derby dreams fading into oblivion due to my own disgusting disregard for my own health.

Day 7. I decided running would be the best way to start building endurance and thought I’d better get started quick. After a few discouraging runs I realized that in my haste I was pushing myself to hard and running myself weak instead of strong so under the advice of several seasoned runners I started the Couch to 5K plan. I’m now getting ready to start week 2. I also have been doing some strength and balance training care of my wii fit. I’ve lost about 4 pounds in two weeks and I feel pretty good about that 🙂 I’d feel even better if I could gain all that weight back in pure muscle!

Day 8. I thought I could use some more practice before Fresh meat so I took my skates outside. NOT THE SAME THING AS SKATING INSIDE. I was practically paralyzed with fear… so I went home after skating down one fairly smooth path.

Day 9. Fresh Meat session. Wow…. 3 laps around the gym, lunges across the gym, football drills, suicide drills (skate as fast as you can then fall), and some skating too. It felt amazing. The people were amazing. And after just one session I am hooked. But lets not make it sound as though I was a natural.. I was not… I took two fairly nasty falls… landing on my butt rather than forward to my knees. I jarred my previously broken elbow pretty well and I am feeling it today. But man did it feel good to glide across that gym floor! On my way home though…. I quickly came down with an exercise induced migraine….I could no longer perceive my hands as connected to my body and I stopped being able to “see” faces. By the time I got home I was feeling numbness down my left side. It was not a fun night. Today, I’m still getting some weird visual symptoms and struggling to get rid of the last bit of a headache. I’m a bit nervous *for this reason only* for the next session.. but I’m not giving it up. So next Thursday I’ll be there… but for this week I’ll have to try and get in to see the doctor. Annoying.

So now we’re all up to speed and hopefully someone out there will enjoy this one woman’s journey into derby. Pictures to come 😉


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  1. Hey! It’s so great to see you blogging again. I really look forward to following the further adventures of ” molotov” as you journey along the roller derby path. Have fun!!! 🙂

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