A Sloth is a Slow Moving Creature

Last night was a pretty much a transit nightmare…. I missed my first bus (it was early.. for the record) and had to wait 10 minutes to get the next one. Ten minutes is relatively short in transit-land, but it meant that I would lose my connection. So, I took a different route… went by O-train (light-rail transit for those unfamiliar…). I made it to Carleton U and walked in the opposite direction from where I should be going for 20 minutes. Note to self, Carleton apparently does not make use of street signs. Okay, so I finally realized I had walked in the wrong direction and turned myself around. I made it to practice 15 minutes late… so I basically missed all of the off-skate stuff. After a 45 minute walk (that should have been 15), I was warmed up enough to start anyways.
Okay so this pretty much summarizes my night:

Yep that’s me.. the smiling sloth. I think it’s the slowest creature on earth…. but I’m pretty close behind. Seriously, we did some sticky skate drills and even after I got the motion down.. it was soooooo slow. Then we did pyramid drills (“it’s not a race.. it’s not a race”), and I fell behind by an entire lap pretty much every time. I felt really slow and shaky the entire practice. I also seemed to forget how to stop…. even thought I was doing well at this last week. Jon thinks that maybe I’m just scared to fall since I’m still not completely healed up yet…. maybe he is a bit right. I just felt really out of sorts, and was pretty discouraged with my “progress”.

Anyways… missed my bus to go home so I had to wait 26 minutes. Missed the connection so I had to wait another 13. Then it started to snow/hail. Then the 15 minute walk home. Total time spent; 2 hours.

Got home and reported that “I’m pretty sure I’m the worst one”; this was kindly responded to with chicken wings and beer.

Also, because of some scheduling conflicts we don’t have practice again until the 22nd… I’m hoping my outdoor wheels come in soon so I can try to keep my muscles from forgetting too much over the next couple of weeks.



  1. aw, sorry you had a discouraging time of it. I too think you might have been subconsciously worried about re-injuring the arm. Here’s hoping your outdoor wheels arrive soon; it will be so fantastic to skate outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. (once the sub-zero temps and snow stop, and spring weather returns. lol ) yay for beer and wings! I’m sure next time will go much better and you’ll have a grand time. 🙂

  2. Haha! Love the comparison/ allegory! You are way too hard on yourself. You’re still a beginner, why such high expectations of perfection?!! Rome was not built in a day! Go with the flow, it will all come back again when you realize you’ve achieved so much already, one step at a time.
    As for the travel…. sounds much like the UK’s aneamic ways of transportation – you’re in good company (NOT!)
    Take care of you! xx

  3. Awww, how nice of you to not mention that I caused an enormous crash of the Train of Pain this week. I felt soooo bad about it!

    Also, you’re not the worst one. Seriously. And you’re not slow, our pyramids group was just really fast this week.

    • Aw thanks, you made my day! Don’t feel bad about crashing the train.. I did it last week.. it’s like a right of passage or something 🙂

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