New wheels for a roller derby girl

It’s official, half set blue half set purple Fugitive mids are on the way; I will look like a bruise on wheels; awesome.

I tried watching Hell on Wheels again last night (I watched it for the first time much earlier in my derby journey), and you know what? I hated it. Why? I mean, I loved it the first time right? Well, the truth is… there’s not a whole lot of skating in it, and the skating there is ***shhh*** isn’t that great. Who could blame them? They were the pioneers! But I guess it goes to show where my priorities have shifted. Oh and btw, I still watch Whip-It all the time… but I skip through all the talking and just watch the skating parts now 🙂

Okay so because this was a short one, I feel obliged to leave you with something worth having visited for… how about this fun music video?


Jonesing for derby and a brand new key

It’s possible that I’m going through derby withdrawl at the moment. And what better way to compensate for the total lack of skating going on in my life at the than to buy derby related stuff. So, I’m treating myself to new wheels.

After some great advice from the CCDD coaches and a sassy darksided girl, I had pretty well determined that the ice-blue fugitive mids would be my new wheels…. So I ordered them from Roller Girl ; and then no sooner than I had placed the order, I started having a few doubts. So the money has been paid out, the new wheels are coming, but since I’ve left the decision up to the gearheads at Rollergirl; they might show up all blue (med-hard), they might be a blue-purple combo (med-hard on the “outside wheels” and grippier wheels on the inside) OR they might even show up as a blue-yellow combo… that would be esthetically fantastic and would be medium grippy on the inside to take solid turns and fast as lightning on the outside. Whatever happens, they will be newer and faster than the wheels I’m currently sporting. They will be narrower, and will take some getting used to… but I might, just might, be able to pass myself off as a derby girl.

So they’re not brand new skates (I’m still holding out to pass min skills) but they have the potential to feel like new skates… so in honour of my new purchase, here’s a musical treat for ya:

Derby love.

Rolling around the Christmas Tree

I had pretty much resolved to do as little exercise as possible over the holidays. I wanted to give my leg muscles and knees some time to repair, and even moreso just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to be lazy for a while. But then this happened:

It's all about balance


YAY!!!! 🙂 Hubby surprised me Christmas morning with a balance board and 5 lb weights. I suppose he wants to make sure that I’ve got the right stuff come January when we start hitting each other. To my fellow derby girls; I love you, but when push comes to shove (or smash in our case) my goal is to push harder than the rest of you. 😉

And check out that awesome hoodie. It comes from Rollergirlvia my parents and is made by PivotStar…. and it probably stinks cause I’ve only taken it off a couple of time since Christmas day 🙂

After all that balancing and lifting, I’m going to need some serious relaxation… so thankfully, my in-laws provided me with about a hundred pounds of spearmint eucalyptus epsom salts. My knees and thighs are thanking you already. And, I have new books to read in the bath too 😀

Okay, so hopefully this post is coming off in its intended tone, which is in total appreciation of the support I’ve received from my entire family on this awesome journey… I love you all.

Oh and to Mel and Clay; thanks for the wine. My drinking team appreciates your support in keeping me in shape over  the holidays as well.

Knockdown Knits

So I’ve made it through another pattern from Knockdown Knits by Joan of Dark.

What derby girl wouldn’t wan’t these slinky arm socks???

Jammin’ and a Blockin’ and a little skull knockin’

You knew I wouldn’t stay away.

I love this song.

And hey, check out these earrings I found at Claire’s for just $3!!

Mushy peas… or a post with everything.

What can I say, what can I say, aye this blog has the potential to be boring over the holidays.

Well firstly, I should admit that I am writing this post while wearing my skates. I’m trying to wear them (like slippers) as much as possible to keep my ankles in shape over the break 🙂

Secondly, I inadvertantly intercepted a christmas gift from hubby to me last week, and it is awesome;  a copy of five on five ‘s 2010 photo annual. What a cool magazine… my fav picture by far is of a brat pack (10ish year old girls) at play. That one is going up in my office.

Thirdly, it was brought to my attention that subscriptions from my old address, do not automatically transfer over to this address… so if you’d subscribed over there and you’re wondering where the updates are… sorry about that, you’re gonna have to resubscribe over here!

Finally, the name name and number. So as you know, I settled on Blackarachnia for a name… and I just want to clarify that I will be representing the 1990s blackarachnia from the awesomeness of Beast Wars and not from the 2008 teletoon blackarachnia. I miiiiight have been using pics here and there from the teletoon version because she’s not CG and therefore a bit easier to “see” clearly sometimes…. but her character and history are different and well, just wanted to clear that up (if anyone cares LOL 🙂 ).  I’m still trying to decide between blackarachnia as a predacon or a maximal… but I’m almost certainly going with the (evil) predacons… Also, you might eventually notice me sporting the number <.05 … that reads “less than point oh five”…. This is an important number in the type of stuff I do as a daywalker, and basically it just means that I’m a signficiant effect… in fact there’s less than a 5 percent chance that my awesomeness is due to a random fluke. Again, just to clarify.

And that’s all I’ve got for today… possibly until we get back to skating in January… there’s really not that much I can say about skating circles in my living room.

Happy Holidays 🙂

Christmas Spirits

Today marks the last derby practice until January 8th. I.Am.Sad. But, since we happen to practice in schools that shut down over the holidays (thank you schools for letting us wear our skates in your gym…. you are awesome!),  unfortunately necessary.

Today was a good day for the first ever CCDD Fresh Meat pack. We all skated hard, showed off our stuff, and passed levels 2 and 3 of our skills test! Yay us. Now for the blah blah blahs….

One of the minimum skills requirements is that we be able to skate 25 laps in 5 minutes. I’m not there yet, but I can feel myself getting closer every week. This week, on paper only, I finished a bit closer to my end goal then I did last week with a whopping 22 laps. BUT, it wasn’t pretty.. it was so ugly, that I kinda felt better about my previous week’s 21 solid laps than this week’s flailing, painful, and just ugly 22 laps. Whywas it painful and ugly? There are lots of reasons…

Reason #1) Irresponsible me got a little too into the Christmas Spirits last night, and stayed up til 3am. This is not the first time I have done this and gone to derby for morning practice… I have shown up to class much worse for ware in the past. However, that’s it. I felt wobbly today, my arms were flailing in ways that they don’t usually flail and I was dehydrated before I even hit the track. I realize now that if I want to improve I’m going to have to make a commitment to get a proper sleep and stay hydrated the night before practice. Because I derby love this sport, I can do that.

Reason #2) Probably irritated by the lack of hydration, and triggered by a difficult Tuesday practice, my left quad pulled during warm up and made doing speed laps a pretty brutal experience. This lead to reason 3..

Reason #3) At about the 3.5 minute marks my left leg muscles gave out and I collapsed (safely) onto my stomach. I got up and kept skating… but by then I was in such agony… I probably should have stopped. It’s just this THING that grows inside of you when you’re in a competitive sport like this… I couldn’t stop… I had to finish. And even though I’m paying for it now.. I’m still kind of glad that I pushed through it. Now there are other injuries where this would have been just plain stupid, but I’m sure no permanent damange was done here… Ice on ice off.

Reason #4: The heel of my skates is starting to annoy the $hit out of me. It’s loose, I’m slippy, and tightening my skates to the point of loosing circulation doesn’t make for a comfy ride. That said, I refuse to blame hardware for my skating skills. I’ve seen one of my own Fresh Meat teamates ROCK and I mean ROCK the track on old-fashioned, disco dancing roller skates…. and her wheels were ridiculously tight to prevent them from FALLING OFF! Btw, this person had an amazing skate today and though I’m not sure whether or not she would be embarrassed if called out publicly… she knows who she is and she is amazing.

All in all I was disappointed with my 25 in 5 today, but mainly because Iwas physically unprepared for it and I have no one to blame for that one but myself. I felt like I learned a lot by doing my last 25/5 and was determined to have a controlled skate today.. I had techniques that I wanted to try and I was in too much pain to try them at all. It was a skate for survival today and blah blah blah.

Now good stuff.

We have a fantastic coach. Thanks Ender 🙂 I wrote a whole thing about how seriously Ender cares about her Freshies, how she keeps a positive attitude, motivates, and nurses injuries… it all came out lame. So just thanks 🙂

Also…We’re getting t-shirts!!!!!! This is exciting.

We’re registering our derby names!!!!! This is exciting.

As soon as my leg feels better I’m going to spend a lot of time skating in my living room. This is exciting… or at least entertaining 🙂

And it’s almost Christmas 🙂