As long as it's free

I have no intention of becomming a gear head; we’ve got people in the league that have that market cornered, and I will defer to them for advice when needed. HOWEVER, I am not oblivious to the fact that my skates are heavy and that they don’t lace the way I want them to. I promised to love them forever, and I will, but eventually I intend to love them mostly for outdoor skating. I did NO outdoor skating this year… because I’m too lazy to switch back and forth between my indoor and outdoor wheels.

So… I want these. Riedell 126s. I would also be happy with 265s but based on what I’ve read I think the 126s might fit my feet best.

Pay no attention to the aluminum plates, that’s too much plate for me so I’ll go with something Nylon. Also pay no attention to the wheels… I haven’t decided which wheels I want, but I would prefer to upgrade to something better from my flat-outs at some point. And of course, my skates will have better laces.



  1. From the perspective of a Gearhead, go with the 126s. The 265s are heavier…a lot like what you’re skating in now. A nice light boot, like the 126, will do the trick and there are aluminum plates out there that are really light. Nylon and vinyl plates absorb energy and can slow you down a little but can be quite a serious investment.

    When you’re ready to talk wheels…so am I. 😀

    – Plow’her

  2. P.S. Meant the aluminum plates can be quite an investment… *sigh* Time for me to take a nap!

  3. Thank you for your comments, oh gear-god. Good to know about the difference between 126 and 265; the 126s are less expensive anyways!! I’m ready to talk wheels 😉 Oh and which aluminum plates are lightest? I tried on Tina Timebomb’s skates at the last practice, and even with the aluminum plates, her skates were lighter than mine. It might not be a do-able investment for now, but that’s what upgrades are for!

    • Her plates weren’t expensive when included in the whole skate package. I have the Revenge plate…it’s not heavy at all and it’s very adjustable, which I like because I tend to make little adjustments all the time as my boot breaks in. When you start thinking about buying new skates, we’ll find you a good overall deal. Also, if we do any bouting in Toronto, you can go into Cardinal Skate Shop and find out first-hand which ones feel best. 🙂

      As for wheels…how do you feel about the ones you have now? Let’s just start there…

      • I don’t have anything to compare them to, so I guess I feel fine about them 🙂 I’d like something that would help me go faster.

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