Mushy peas… or a post with everything.

What can I say, what can I say, aye this blog has the potential to be boring over the holidays.

Well firstly, I should admit that I am writing this post while wearing my skates. I’m trying to wear them (like slippers) as much as possible to keep my ankles in shape over the break 🙂

Secondly, I inadvertantly intercepted a christmas gift from hubby to me last week, and it is awesome;  a copy of five on five ‘s 2010 photo annual. What a cool magazine… my fav picture by far is of a brat pack (10ish year old girls) at play. That one is going up in my office.

Thirdly, it was brought to my attention that subscriptions from my old address, do not automatically transfer over to this address… so if you’d subscribed over there and you’re wondering where the updates are… sorry about that, you’re gonna have to resubscribe over here!

Finally, the name name and number. So as you know, I settled on Blackarachnia for a name… and I just want to clarify that I will be representing the 1990s blackarachnia from the awesomeness of Beast Wars and not from the 2008 teletoon blackarachnia. I miiiiight have been using pics here and there from the teletoon version because she’s not CG and therefore a bit easier to “see” clearly sometimes…. but her character and history are different and well, just wanted to clear that up (if anyone cares LOL 🙂 ).  I’m still trying to decide between blackarachnia as a predacon or a maximal… but I’m almost certainly going with the (evil) predacons… Also, you might eventually notice me sporting the number <.05 … that reads “less than point oh five”…. This is an important number in the type of stuff I do as a daywalker, and basically it just means that I’m a signficiant effect… in fact there’s less than a 5 percent chance that my awesomeness is due to a random fluke. Again, just to clarify.

And that’s all I’ve got for today… possibly until we get back to skating in January… there’s really not that much I can say about skating circles in my living room.

Happy Holidays 🙂


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  1. Not that I fully understand all the ‘lingo’ in this line of ‘sprots’, but I love following your blog, escapades and all other input. I think you’re very brave to participate and you look totally awesome in your Derby clothing. Go Girl! (Just be safe!).
    Happy holidays to you – a nice rest is not amiss. –
    love & hugs to you all,

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