Jonesing for derby and a brand new key

It’s possible that I’m going through derby withdrawl at the moment. And what better way to compensate for the total lack of skating going on in my life at the than to buy derby related stuff. So, I’m treating myself to new wheels.

After some great advice from the CCDD coaches and a sassy darksided girl, I had pretty well determined that the ice-blue fugitive mids would be my new wheels…. So I ordered them from Roller Girl ; and then no sooner than I had placed the order, I started having a few doubts. So the money has been paid out, the new wheels are coming, but since I’ve left the decision up to the gearheads at Rollergirl; they might show up all blue (med-hard), they might be a blue-purple combo (med-hard on the “outside wheels” and grippier wheels on the inside) OR they might even show up as a blue-yellow combo… that would be esthetically fantastic and would be medium grippy on the inside to take solid turns and fast as lightning on the outside. Whatever happens, they will be newer and faster than the wheels I’m currently sporting. They will be narrower, and will take some getting used to… but I might, just might, be able to pass myself off as a derby girl.

So they’re not brand new skates (I’m still holding out to pass min skills) but they have the potential to feel like new skates… so in honour of my new purchase, here’s a musical treat for ya:

Derby love.



  1. This Dollyrots cover of the original is AWESOME! I had it played as our team’s entrance music at our first bout! Well done, madame. Well done.

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