The Magic of Hitting

It’s late, and since I have to be up at 6:30, and out the door by 7:30 I should probably be going to bed rather than writing this. But I wanted to write this entry while the feeling was still fresh and before my memory of tonight becomes altered by reliving tonight’s practice over in my mind, dreaming about it, and discussing it with others.

Do you know what happens when five girls learn to hit from two coaches at the same time? Magic.

Tonight, with two coaches guiding us along, CCDD’s first ever Fresh Meat class took it’s first stab at hitting. We were told to hold nothing back, to jump into it fearless, and I think everyone did a stellar job at taking these words to heart. I’ll admit that before we hit the track I was a bit intimidated. I’m tallish and smallish, and I had visions of being hurled across the track, smacking my head on the floor, and waking up in a hospital without a clue as to what had happened to me. But I kept repeating “fearless” in my head over and over and decided I would do whatever was asked of me tonight.

We started with off-skate drills: squatting against the wall, keeping low while moving across the floor, and then squatting some more. We didn’t really know at the time, or at least I didn’t, but we were teaching our bodies hit women on skates. After putting on our skates, we paired up and practiced hitting each other in various ways (shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to chest) from a standstill. We lined up our skates and hit each other from the side, criss-crossed our skates and hit our partners from the front; then we put everything in motion. Pylons came out to serve as our “hitting zone” and we took turns weaving through the pylons to hit or be hit. We had the opportunity to hit and be hit by girls (and boy) of various body shapes and sizes; this was important to me… as it turns out this is not a game of size at all, it really seems that whoever can get the lowest wins.

Tonight, more than any other night, I felt myself becoming a roller derby girl. I loved hitting, and without sounding masochistic, I loved being hit. More than being hit, I loved resisting the hit. I don’t remember falling while being hit, but in my haste to hit as hard as I could, I fell a bunch of times trying to hit others. I don’t want to sound like I’m some kind of awesome in this area, and I understand that it’s a good idea to “get good” in all aspects of derby, but I felt like “yeah, hitting could be my thing”.

Here’s hoping for purple trophies.

I felt this song was appropriate.


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