A derby plea

Dear legs;

I understand that I’ve hurt you really bad; and I get that you’re really angry at me right now. I’m very sorry. So now that I’ve appologized, can you please suck it up so that I can get on with my life. At the very least, please cooperate on Saturday so I can make it through my 25 in 5.

Sorry gals,





  2. Holy Hell. You stole my thoughts again! Did your legs listen? Because mine are still protesting and I have practice tomorrow night.

    • No they certainly did not! I even treated them to a long bath with epsom salts. But I guess I’m going to have to give in and bring out the ice!

  3. Good luck! My assessments are scheduled for Sunday and I have to do the 25 in 5 as well. My legs are sympathizing with yours.

    • Good luck to you!! My min skills test isn’t for another few (3) weeks, but I definitely want to know where I’m at! Last time, I skated 22 with a huge wipeout.

  4. Were both legs hurting as much?

    • My right leg was much more sore, but I’m still recovering from a pull in my right quad (but it’s much much better!) Unfortunately the right leg tends to bear the brunt of most of our play since we’re (usually) skating counter clockwise.

      • clearly i have not learned my lefts and rights… I meant to say LEFT.

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