Taking off my training wheels: Review of Fugitive Mids Purple/Blue Combo

If I’ve learned anything from reading online wheel discussions and talking to coaches, it’s that wheel reviews are only really valid within a narrow context. First, you need to consider the type of flooring that the reviewer is skating on, and second you need to consider the weight of the reviewer. There are probably other factors to be considered (i.e. style, skill level etc…), but I’ll just preface my short review by saying that:

1) I’m skating on a dirty, slick, elementary school floor.
2) I’m about 130 lbs and 5’7.
2.5) For the sake of comparison, I’m upgrading from Flat-Outs

That said, I found the combo pretty interesting. As soon as I took to the track I noticed that the new wheels were speedier than the old ones. It took less leg effort to propel myself forwards, especially at slower speeds. The narrower profile, made me *feel* more agile, but based on my skating performance last night I think most of that was in my head 😉

Now the big test was performance on speed laps. On the speed laps, these wheels weren’t really my favourite. I felt like I sacrificed a lot of stability and control for speed. Again, consider the slippery-flooring here. Also, I had the odd feeling like I was going to fall sidewise into the center of the track…. not sure what this is all about. All in all, I think that I will like these wheels for general skating, or if I ever find myself on a grippier surface. However, for speed drills I think I might need softer wheels, at least while I’m learning to skate efficiently. Once I’ve gained more skill in this area I think I’ll enjoy the added speed.

I’m expecting new grippier wheels to arrive in about a week. You’ll be able to read my review of Atom Poison Slims then.



  1. The hardness jump shouldn’t have been that big of a difference (going from 88 to 87/90). I skate on Radar Mojos, which are the aluminum hub version of the Flat-outs. While they were perfect at first, they have since gotten too grippy for me. If you are sliding around, give them a bit of time for the mold release agent to wear off. Did you get all 8 of each, or just 4+4? Another option would be to start with all eight purples and start integrating two blues at a time, once they’ve gotten too grippy. I say this because the Poisons are 84, and that might be a big jump, but then again, you need to compensate a bit for the narrower surface…

    Ok, I’m rambling again. Good luck, and keep us posted!

    • Ramble away! I love it! I only got 4 of each, because I thought for me going to all 87s would be pretty pointless, but adding a few 90s would be just enough. Right now I do find it a big difference, but probably because my flat-outs have been skated on a lot!


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