Jam City Rollergirls for Wii

Last night Darla Darkside and I decided to take Jam City Rollergirls for Wii for a test Jam. Before we began though, we both had some skate maintenance to do. Hers involved putting on new wheels, and mine involved cutting off my toe savers (which have helped save my skates from some toe-wear but unfortunately don’t help much with the sides) and replacing them with colour coordinating hockey tape.

Charming Princess

 Once the skates were ready, we laced them up tight and hit the Wii Track. First, some pregame intimidation from both sides.

Put on your mean face and your big girl panties and go hit someone

Then it was decided. Blackarachnia, on your left would be representing Rat City, and it would be Darla Darkside on your right representing the Brewcity Bruisers. Jammers, take your positions…

Get lower!

The first round went to BLACKARACHNIA, and so she went on to play Chew Suck’ah (her hubby), and failed miserably. Darla Darkside then took Chew Suck’ah in a grudge match in Blackarachnia’s honour, and also failed miserably.

Yes, it was a dark day in Wii Derby. But a FUN TIME! Jam City reminds me a lot of Mario Kart, only much better. You can choose your pack’s strategy, take whips, do tricks, compete for lead jammer and call of the jam while you’re ahead. It’s not too hard to learn, so even a non-gamer like me can manage to learn the basics pretty quickly, and it’s only $10 using wii points!  The one downside is that only two people can play at a time. I can envision this as a four player game with two players on each team – maybe a pivot and a jammer on each side. Also, it would be fun to dress up your Jammer and give her a name/number in multiplayer. But for $10, these features would just be gravy to an already fun game 🙂 If you play like us and take a real derby stance you can even get your quad workout in while you play 😉 Oh anda thumb workout, this game is super heavy on the thumb action.


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