Teetering and a Thing

I read about the art of teetering recently on another blog . To quote it word for word, teetering is when you: push your limits as you become comfortable so that you are constantly teetering between comfortable and uncomfortable. This is how you know you are progressing!

By the end of my last practice I felt like the fulcrum was swaying towards the comfortable side. Today, as I expected, I really did feel like a turd in the rain. It was FUN, it was SO FUN… I mean, at least I learned from this practice that I don’t just like hanging out in my awesome looking skates… I love the game of roller derby. But I’m falling a lot and finding myself lagging behind the league skaters in jams. I know it’s probably a bit premature but I feel like I would feel better if I had a “thing”…. you know, like I’d like my “teammates” to be able to say “Blackarachnia, she’s really good at ____, we can always count on her to do _____ and that’s why she’s important to the team.” I don’t want to drag my team down, I don’t want to worry my team, but more than anything I want to be a part of the team. And I know a lot of this is just a matter of time. I can feel myself getting better at things I had trouble with before. But for now, I find I’m saying sorry A LOT. So yeah, I’m weighted towards the uncomfortable side right now. And I just don’t want anyone giving up on me. I want to scream “hey girls, look I’ve got potential!!”.

So yeah I’m feeling a bit weird right now, but I’ve gotta give myself some props too otherwise I’ll seem all melodramatic and stuff. Okay, so I knew when I started carrying roller derby insurance alongside my private and provincial insurance that this derby thing was seriously tough. After the last two practices I can say that I’ve pushed myself enough to acquire bruises on: both elbows, one forearm, the inside of my thumb/palm, my right ankle, a good portion of my right thigh, both biceps, and I think possibly my right shoulder (still waiting on it). So yeah, I fall. But I always get up, and you can count on me for that if nothing else.

P.S. Atom Poisons were awesome on the (waxed?) wood floor too.


Quick, I’ve been Poisoned!

Call somebody!!!

Yesterday I tried out Atom’s new Poison Slim wheels. Just a little recap: I’m about 130 lbs, 5 ft 7 inches, and skating on ridiculously slippy and often dirty elementary school flooring. This meant that on my getting-worn flat-outs I was slipping out around the bends, and even with my purple-blue new fugitive mids I was spending a lot of time restablizing myself. So, after hearing that maybe softer wheels would actually be benefitial and might even *increase* my speed, I sought out  soft wheels with a narrow profile. I found Atom Poison Slims and thought they sounded like they would fit the bill. They measure in at 84a on the durometer compared to my 87a purple Fugitive Mid pushers with 90a blue Fugitive Mid combo.

So typically, when you think “soft wheels” you think, sticky, sluggish, gonna-make-me-work-hard-and-slow-me-down wheels. And often, that’s probably true. But if you find that you’re spending a lot of time readjusting after sliding out on a slick surface, then you might want to consider moving to a stickier wheel. I can say that two neat things came from using the Poisons last night.

#1) I didn’t slide AT ALL. Not once. And we did timed speed laps (1 lap = 8.6 or 8.8 seconds for me.. can’t remember)

#2) I made a point of doing a t-stop for every water trip and nailed it every.single.time.

SO YAY POISONS! I’m going to keep them on for my next practice at a slightly less slippy gym and I’ll let you now how it goes.

Maybe at this point you’re expecting me to tell you how things went at my first league practice too? Hmm… well my first league practice was really emotional on a whole bunch of levels. First, I’ve lost some buddies in my move to league practices and I really missed having them there. In some ways I also felt guilty for being there, and that was hard. Second, I realized that I was probably gonna be on the receiving end of some pretty good hazing from the vets. I spent the first half hour on-skates feeling like I didn’t belong there and wondering why I hadn’t come in with an exit strategy… that is so unlike me. But then something pretty cool happened. First, my adrenaline kicked in so most of my anxiety went away. Then, I started getting comments from other skaters that I was doing things well. I was able to get out of my own head and remember to *just go*. Also, because it turned into a pretty small practice I ended up getting a LOT of feedback and instruction, which is good because remember that this *actually playing the game* part is so new to me, and I need to work out a lot of the mechanics.

I was pretty proud of myself by the end of practice. I took and gave hits, and I think for my first practice I held my own pretty well. Saturday’s practice should be a bit more hardcore so if I come back feeling like a turd in the rain, at least I’ll have this post to remind me that last night, I was a derby girl.

Running after the wagon

Last week was a rough one for me (and my family!) so I kinda swan dived off the Roller Derby Workout Challenge Wagon. Well, I’m ready to get back on…. (*cough*after the Hotdog/Marshmellow BBQ I’m going to tonight 😉 )  So here’s my workout plan for week 5:

  • MONDAY: Playing Squash (subbing this in for roller derby workout video)
  • TUESDAY: Roller Derby Practice
  • WEDNESDAY: 20 Mountain Climbers  , 20 Supermans 10 pushups, 45 second plank, REPEAT 5 TIMES. Then 10 Burpees, 10 Star Jumps, 10 Pushups, REPEAT 3 TIMES
  • THURSDAY: Roller Derby Workout VIDEO
  • SATURDAY: Roller Derby Practice
  • SUNDAY: 100 burpies; 100 star jumps (This just looks funny to me… but I’ll try!)

Tomorrow night is my first practice with the League Skaters at CCDD! I’m nervous, but excited. I’ve put my new Atom Poison wheels so I’ll be posting a review of those shortly.

Some form of vindication?

I found out today that I have Pneumonia. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about doing 23/5 (twice). And I’m pretty proud that I didn’t pass out during the test even though I felt pretty near doing so a few times.

If the music’s loud enough

I don’t really feel like writing this post to be honest… but I feel like maybe, there are people waiting to hear about it so, relunctantly here are the details.

1) I didn’t pass 25/5… did 23 both times and fell both times. Can you say anxiety? Yeah, I fell during both tries. Would have done the whole 25 if it weren’t for that, but I couldn’t keep my act together. WTF is with that?

2) Arm whips. Sucked on my outside arm whip (hey, did I ever tell you guys about the time I broke my elbow? How bout the time I fell on my broken elbow and damaged all the tendons in there? Yeah… that’s a good one.)

3)My T-stops. UGH. The irony. After posting about how awesome I was getting at them and even getting feedback from a reader here about how *my story* was helping her do her t-stops… I failed at them. Again, WTF was I doing? I dunno.

4) I made it through to “league practices”. I still need to retest on my 25/5 and t-stops in a months to officially be a “league skater”. But I made it through. And as happy as I am about making it through, I’m having a lot of other feelings about it too. And I can’t talk about those right now.