Teetering and a Thing

I read about the art of teetering recently on another blog . To quote it word for word, teetering is when you: push your limits as you become comfortable so that you are constantly teetering between comfortable and uncomfortable. This is how you know you are progressing!

By the end of my last practice I felt like the fulcrum was swaying towards the comfortable side. Today, as I expected, I really did feel like a turd in the rain. It was FUN, it was SO FUN… I mean, at least I learned from this practice that I don’t just like hanging out in my awesome looking skates… I love the game of roller derby. But I’m falling a lot and finding myself lagging behind the league skaters in jams. I know it’s probably a bit premature but I feel like I would feel better if I had a “thing”…. you know, like I’d like my “teammates” to be able to say “Blackarachnia, she’s really good at ____, we can always count on her to do _____ and that’s why she’s important to the team.” I don’t want to drag my team down, I don’t want to worry my team, but more than anything I want to be a part of the team. And I know a lot of this is just a matter of time. I can feel myself getting better at things I had trouble with before. But for now, I find I’m saying sorry A LOT. So yeah, I’m weighted towards the uncomfortable side right now. And I just don’t want anyone giving up on me. I want to scream “hey girls, look I’ve got potential!!”.

So yeah I’m feeling a bit weird right now, but I’ve gotta give myself some props too otherwise I’ll seem all melodramatic and stuff. Okay, so I knew when I started carrying roller derby insurance alongside my private and provincial insurance that this derby thing was seriously tough. After the last two practices I can say that I’ve pushed myself enough to acquire bruises on: both elbows, one forearm, the inside of my thumb/palm, my right ankle, a good portion of my right thigh, both biceps, and I think possibly my right shoulder (still waiting on it). So yeah, I fall. But I always get up, and you can count on me for that if nothing else.

P.S. Atom Poisons were awesome on the (waxed?) wood floor too.

1 Comment

  1. 1. Floor is not waxed, hence the sliding.

    2. You caught me off guard after practice and I was already (in my head) knee-deep in Freshie practice so I wasn’t sure what to tell you.

    3. I’ve gathered my thoughts.

    4. I’m leaving you in suspense.

    5. Because I can. 😉

    6. I’ll email it–do with it what you like.

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