Some girls hang their stockings….

but derby girls aren’t “some girls”.

I was hoping to post about huge leaps in my 25 in 5 progress after today’s practice. Unfortunately though, somehow we (the skaters) ended up locked out of our practice space. So we lost an entire practice. So sad. Especially since today was going to be a 4 hour (two 2 hour practices back to back) practice for me and I was *so stoked*. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge. I’ve been watching the website and have been noticing a bunch of girls weaning themselves off of sugar, white flour, sweetened coffee etc over the last week.

NOT ME. Noooo, I have been doing quite the opposite in fact. Yesterday, I ate Chinese for lunch, McDonalds for supper, and drank WHITE wine in the evening. Oh. Ya. Tonight, a broth fondu, chocolate fondu (?), and beer. Lots of beer. Because I am going to MISS the beer and I need a good… no a GREAT sendoff.


Roller Derby Workout Challenge

You might have seen this challenge floating around facebook… if you haven’t it’s an easy search. In any case, I signed up to do the challenge and received my first bit of homework today. We were sent a list of nutrional guidelines which consisted (in short) of:

1. Eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates; are you kidding me? I will surely die.

2. Eating a balance of protein carbs and fats: no problem, I can do that. I generally respond better to “you can eat…” than “you cannot eat…”

3. Eliminating soda pop and juice: no problem here, I can drink unsweetened tea. But I guess coffee and chocolate milk are out due to guideline number 1… so sad.

4. Eliminating booze: Um no. I’m going to try to do this, but I am sticking to their guideline of small portions of red wine.

5. No smoking: no problem.

So here we go… the roller derby workout challenge is beginning. Now to get my hubby on board since he does the grocery shopping and 99% of the cooking in our house.

More music?

Skating in the living room

Ahhhh laminate flooring.

I had a lot of trouble with my t-stops at the first session so I thought I should give them a go in the comfort of my own living room…. much better! Now I’m working on learning how to go from forward skate to backward skate in one smooth motion.. so far it’s not so smooth. My mantra is “trust your skate, trust your skate…”; but so far, no dice. I think that one might be easier practiced in the gym with full safety gear.

I went for the last run of “week 1” of couch to 5 k…. oh, I so did not feel like running tonight. My knees and butt hurt so much from Fresh Meat that I just wasn’t feeling the run for today. I made it through… but still feel a bit nauseous… I think I will have a nice cup of tea and then chase it down with a beer and Hell on Wheels. How’s that for a Sunday night?