No use for a name

Okay, so I dropped the name “Molly Molotov” because it’s used by a country singer somewhere and also by a wrestler(?) apparently… Then I “switched” to Slim Sadie because I liked the idea of having my own theme song, and it just rolls of the tongue nicely… also there was huge potential for helmet design.. but I digress.

Anyways, I was searching around to see whether my meta tags (HA! ME!) were working… ie. I wanted to know if this site was googleable yet… and I found that there is another derby girl going by Slim Sadie somewhere in Sweden. I checked the master roster and the name doesn’t *appear* taken yet… but then I also did a search on facebook and found that there were a bunch of girls whose names apparently ARE sadie that use Slim Sadie…

Okay, so I dunno what to do.. I’m running low on creative name-making skills. So I leave it to you my readership (HA! Again!), to help me decide. Please vote in my poll.