Huge breakthough

I’m not slow. There, I said it. I thought I was, but I am not. Nope, I just really suck at passing people – and yes, there is a difference. I think if I can just figure out the mechanics of getting by people, being aggressive instead of slowing down.. then I will be a force to be reckoned with. Yes, I’m awesome, you just haven’t had the chance to see it yet cause I’m too polite (or scared?) to jump the line!


New wheels for a roller derby girl

It’s official, half set blue half set purple Fugitive mids are on the way; I will look like a bruise on wheels; awesome.

I tried watching Hell on Wheels again last night (I watched it for the first time much earlier in my derby journey), and you know what? I hated it. Why? I mean, I loved it the first time right? Well, the truth is… there’s not a whole lot of skating in it, and the skating there is ***shhh*** isn’t that great. Who could blame them? They were the pioneers! But I guess it goes to show where my priorities have shifted. Oh and btw, I still watch Whip-It all the time… but I skip through all the talking and just watch the skating parts now 🙂

Okay so because this was a short one, I feel obliged to leave you with something worth having visited for… how about this fun music video?