Derby… I miss you!!!

Well, dramatic goodbyes just aren’t my thing so rather than bore you with the details, I just kind of up and left for a few months. I up and left roller derby too. It had to do mostly with transit issues and scheduling conflicts, but now I’m gearing up to go back. During my absence an entirely new Fresh Meat pack has started so I’m looking forward to meeting some new faces; albeit a bit sad that I won’t be able to keep up with Chaos Crew anymore… but at least we all practice at the same time so maybe.. just maybe… some of the girls might remember my face.

In any case… like always, it has started with skating in the living room and hopefully soon I can transition to skating in the gym. September is an odd month with everyone going back to school, and other time commitments…  but hopefully by October I can get something of a routine going. Hopefully.