Here we go again

Title inspired by the Bouncing Souls.

Ah! I really hate these posts where you’ve gone from something to something with so much happening in between…. it’s really hard to know what to say, what to leave out…. So I’m going to leave almost everything out and just talk about what’s been going on recently.

Minimum Skills traning: I really like how we are doing this over at CCDD. Rather than learning a bunch of stuff over a few months and then having one huge whopping test, we have 5 levels of testing, each of which requires us to pass a predermined set of skills. After all 5 levels have been passed, then you do the big minimum skills testing. Passing means you move from being “Fresh Meat” to a bonified League Skater and eligible to tryout for a tream. This method of skills training is MUCH more motivating; there’s always a short term goal to work towards, frequent feedback and positive reinforcement, and the feeling that you *will* be prepared for that big test. So far, I’ve passed the first level of skills which consisted of: one footed skating, sticky skating (in figure eights), falling safely, and… possibly some other things I’ve forgotten by now 😉 In any case, we’re testing for levels 2 and 3 next week. I’m not worried; it ain’t even no thing.

So, I thought maybe a picture would be useful, better, etc. at this point in my re-entry into the blogging world.

Thanks Shutter Down for taking this sweet picture.